Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

Working to unleash the full spectrum of creative talent within organizations

Our image for the future is that those who lead, manage, and work in organizations understand their creative talents and can productively and deliberately apply them to meet the innovation challenges and opportunities they face.

Mission Statement:

CPSB flexibly links powerful people to powerful situations for the promotion of learning about and applying Creative Problem Solving (CPS).  It does this in order to empower individuals to improve their understanding and use of their creative talents.  CPSB works to promote synergy, the productive use of diversity, and teamwork within groups.  By enhancing the productive use of creative human talent, our focus is helping people contribute in meaningful ways in their workplace as well as with other people and organizations.
We add value to society by helping individuals, groups, and organizations recognize and effectively use creative talent of people to improve the quality of life and environmental health and to enhance the likelihood of cooperation and productive global linkages during these times of change, increasing complexity, and ambiguity.

Core Values:

Values identify the internal guiding principles for our decisions and behavior.  Values answer the question: What is worthwhile for us?  They help us judge the worth of what we do.  The following are the five major values that guide our work with each other, our customers, suppliers, and colleagues:


Building and maintaining trust and consistency in all our relationships is important to us.  We work to develop frameworks for ethical practice and share a commitment to set new standards for excellent performance.  We count on each other to do the right thing.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

We seek to provide a standard to the field by providing superior products, services and information.  We consciously strive to build our knowledge and expertise.


Although creativity can be learned and applied to individual and/or competitive goal structures, we believe that collaboration and cooperation offers a more powerful approach to understanding and using creativity.  We establish and maintain productive working relationships with individuals, groups and organizations because we understand that no single group "can do it alone."

Ethical Code of Conduct

We hold to an emerging set of ethical guidelines which govern our research and practice.  These are spelled out in much more detail in the document:  "General Guidelines for Creativity Professionals, Trainers and Researchers."  The "spirit" of these guidelines also impacts our work with each other. We work together to accomplish common goals without over-reliance on each other.  We work to protect each other, asking for help when needed and believing in collaboration.