Why Our Clients Choose CPSB

We are asked from time to time what distinguishes the work of CPSB from the other “creativity consultants“ in the market place.   Here are a few points that speak to that distinction.

Research to Practice

This important part of our business assures our clients the most current and effective methods will be brought to bear on their needs. We have a full time Manager of Research and Design who coordinates the research undertaken by our team, our associates and our Creativity Research Unit (CRU). The CRU is a network of internationally renowned creativity researchers and organizations that explore and create new knowledge in the field of creativity, innovation and change. Our unique strength is in creating value for our clients by bridging research and practice.  We work to create practical, value-adding applications of the knowledge gained through solid and verifiable research. Hundreds of studies have been published on the effectiveness and productivity that results from the application of our tools and methods.

Satisfied Clients

The level of repeat business and the amount of referred business that we enjoy is testament to the effectiveness of our work. Many of our clients see creativity and innovation and our tools as a source of competitive advantage. The numbers speak for themselves, as CPSB has had over 1400 successful client engagements with uniformly positive feedback and level of outcome.  As you can see from our client reference list, our clients speak to the significant impact of CPSB’s work with them. 

Practical Process-System-Tools

Creative Problem Solving 6.1™ is our proprietary and proven system for planning and managing change.  Our system utilizes tools for the generation and management of novelty that are proven both by more than 50 years of research and practical application.  We use specific procedures that are flexible to meet the demands of your unique situation. We conduct on-going research on our method itself and the tools associated with it, to assure that only the most effective approaches are used.

A Tailored Process Approach

While every consulting group says their work is customized, at CPSB it is at the heart of how we approach our work with you.  Task Appraisal, which is our unique approach to understanding your needs, is part of and at the center of our proprietary system (CPS v6.1™).  Each process design we develop is in fact unique to the situation and the task that our clients face.


While we will do many things to help you meet your objectives, CPSB is focused on the productive understanding and application of creativity, problem solving, innovation, and change leadership.  This core focus and expertise is our business and we have maintained this focus. Founded in 1991, CPSB employs professionals who have over 60 years of combined experience in the field, assisting organizations in reaching higher levels of innovation and creative outcomes.

Thought Leadership

CPSB has been a thought leader in the field of Creativity and Innovation for many years and maintains that position to this day.  In 2003, a CPSB publication Creative Approaches to Problem Solving: A Framework for Managing Change was selected as the European Association for Creativity and Innovation “Best Creativity Book of the Year”.  In  2006 Wiley & Sons published Meeting the Innovation Challenge: Leadership for Transformation and Growth authored by CPSB President Scott Isaksen and award winning author Joseph Tidd.  Core Team members have held various leadership positions in the field and have been involved in the development of a number of the tools and the system that we and other professionals in the field use today.  Many in our field view CPSB as best practice leaders.

Facilitated Approach

CPSB’s facilitated approach helps groups remain focused on the task at hand and assures that forward progress is maintained.  This approach minimizes the impact of distractions and works to reduce a group’s tendency to go off on tangents.  CPSB’s process provides the road map and discipline for an effective and efficient approach to creation and development of novel ideas that add value.