Here are some tips to remember while taking this course.

Links to the Web:

To complete this course you will need to be linked to the internet. The course has been tested on a number of internet browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x - 6.x, Apple Safari 1.x and Netscape 7.x. If you are using earlier versions of these browsers you may experience some problems and we recommend that you download and install the update before taking the course.

Links to the web are indicated by the blue, underline text: CPSB Homepage

Screen Size:

If you are using a PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x – 6.x you can adjust the size of the screen by using the F11 key on your keyboard. Doing so will eliminate much of the scolling you may have on pages of the course.


To print the screen you are looking at while using a PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer you may click the ‘Print’ icon in the lower right of your screen to print the page. You may also print the screen by selecting “File > Print” from your browser’s Action bar and doing the following:

  • Select landscape in the printer set-up.
  • Select the Print Option "As laid out on Screen" in the Printer Options tab, or make sure to click on the body of the chart before printing.
  • Use CTRL/P when printing Pop-up sections appearing on the screen, or right click on the pop-up, and choose "Print Target" in the pop-up menu.