Please observe the following standards for ease of navigation in this course, and optimal screen viewing.

Ease of Navigation: The Creative Problem Solving 101 distributed learning (DL) course is a web-based, e-learning course. To navigate the screens and content:

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The contents on the screens contain the textbook information about the subject and topics, like chapters in a book. To help define key points and enhance the learning experience,two types of windows are embedded and used throughout this course. The first window is activated when you roll or hover your mouse over blue text (without an underline). This will bring up a pop-up window that will display information and definitions related to the highlighted text. Moving your mouse off of the text will close the pop-up window. The second type of window is activated when you click on blue text (notice the underline). This will bring up a new window that will display additional text, graphics or illustrations on the subject matter. This type of window will remain on your screen until you either select “Close” on the window or activate another type of window.

In the left hand green bar you will find the ‘chapters’ of this course. You may click on any section at any time to access it. There is no prescribed order in how you go through this course.