The Creative Problem Solving 101 DL course provides skills to individuals who want to manage and lead change efforts more effectively.

The content of this distributed learning course is intended to be a ‘stand alone’ learning opportunity for you and if you desire additional skills it provides an introduction to workshops offered by the Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc. (CPSB) and our associates. The workshops are aimed at developing competencies for leading and managing creativity, problem solving, CPS Version 6.1™ and innovation. All CPSB courses are taught by experienced trainers and consultants. The Creative Problem Solving 101 DL course has been designed to complement the Igniting Creative Potential (ICP) line of service CPSB offers to clients around the world.

Business leaders, managers, consultants, facilitators and trainers who will need skills and talents to facilitate creativity, innovation and change. These skills and talents are useful and often necessary to promote the well-being and success of teams and organizations.

Course Objectives

  • To examine selected frameworks of creativity, problem solving and innovation
  • To provide you tools to effectively manage and facilitate groups that need to address problems
  • To understand the role of CPS Version 6.1™ facilitation in your current and future situations
  • To develop basic skills in team building, creativity, innovation and coaching
  • To facilitate your ability to establish positive working relationships
  • To provide you with tools to optimize team performance for creativity and innovation.