How the Creative Problem Solving 101 DL course is organized.

The Creative Problem Solving 101 DL materials are organized into seven sections that may or may not contain sub-topics.

The content flow within this course is as follows:

  • Overview: provides a description of the course sections, organization, and learning objectives of the module.
    • Introduction: shows the topics to be covered.
    • Purpose: describes the purpose of the section and the list of skills and proficiencies covered.
    • Topics: shows the list of topics covered in the section.
      • Topics: describes one or more concepts related to the skills and proficiencies covered in the section. The concepts are the “textbook” source information of the course. The topics also include examples from client engagements and case study exercises.
    • Tools: shows the tools available to support your use of the material covered in this section.
    • Summary: summarizes the topics and learning objectives covered in the section.
  • Summary: summarizes the purpose and objectives covered in the The Creative Problem Solving 101 course.
  • Self Assessment: helps you evaluate your understanding of the concepts using multiple choice, true/false, or matching lists.

Successful completion of the Quizzes and Self Assessment are NOT a prerequisite for attending an instructor-led workshop.