Creativity is the driver and prerequisite to innovative outcomes that are important to any high performance team’s ability to deliver the results needed by their clients and customers.

Creativity is not a myth that is the result of magic, madness or mystery. Instead, creativity can be influenced by variables YOU can control and affect! Increased creativity and problem solving skills will help to ensure that the desired outcome of all engagements and work is successfully completed in a timely and cost effective manner. In addition, the outcome(s) will tend to exceed customer expectations and will be more satisfying for yourself and your team on both personal and professional levels.

You will learn a definition of creativity, and how creativity relates to innovation. You will also learn about the four elements of a creativity model called the Four ‘Ps.’

In order to help ourselves or our teams to create innovative outcomes:

  • We must understand the major elements of creativity
  • We must understand how the elements of creativity interact
  • We must understand how to apply and optimize the elements of the creative model
  • We must manage model activities to promote strong creativity and achieve innovation