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The Creativity Research Unit

One of the unique aspects of The Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc. (CPSB) is the extensive international network of researchers and others involved in creativity inquiry. This network has been developed and strengthened over the past twenty years and includes an impressive list of individuals who function as collaborators who provide input, critique and a variety of other forms of assistance with the research conducted at CPSB. We refer to this network as the Creativity Research Unit (CRU).

The Creativity Research Unit (CRU) is the component of CPSB which creates new knowledge, information and insights by conducting investigations and studies of creativity and change with individuals, groups and organizations. Our investigations and studies are done on both a national and international level. The function of CRU is to maintain CPSB's product leadership in its existing services, fuel the development of new products and services and provide new knowledge to the academic study of creativity and change.

Our unique strength is in creating value for our clients by bridging research and practice.  We work to create practical, value-adding applications of the knowledge gained through solid and verifiable research. Hundreds of studies have been published on the effectiveness and productivity that results from the application of our tools and methods.