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Teamwork for Transformation

Building Change Teams

Everyone has their own style, whether we are talking about clothes, writing, or creativity and innovation.  CPSB’s Teamwork for Transformation Course gives you the knowledge and skills to build effective and higher-performing teams.  Whether you are a manager in an organization or a consultant tasked with helping to increase teamwork and efficiency, the Teamwork for Transformation Course will give you the ability to increase team productivity and align the right people for the right projects and tasks!

Understanding the implications of how people prefer to be creative and innovative is essential to higher-performing teams.  As part of the Teamwork for Transformation Course you will become a qualified user of VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style.  You cannot measure how creative someone is, but you can measure how they prefer to be creative.  VIEW gives you the ability to see how people prefer to work to get the most creative and innovative outcomes.

By breaking down some of the artificial barriers that exist in daily team interaction and opening a team’s eyes to individual style differences, teams work happier and more productively together!

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