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Igniting Creative Potential

A Focus on Facilitation


A Focus on Facilitation

The Igniting Creative Potential: A Focus on Facilitation Course, is designed to provide an intense, hands on, experientially-based learning experience in leading innovation and problem solving groups. ICP introduces the tools, concepts, guidelines and skills that serve as the basis for your facilitation success.

The Power behind Igniting Creative Potential

Facilitators play an essential role in innovation efforts by providing the process leadership that helps groups to lower or completely remove barriers to creative idea production. By focusing on the areas where most innovation groups get derailed the facilitator creates the ideal conditions for groups to create the ideas necessary to fuel innovation.  

Igniting Creative Potential helps address the following questions:

  • How to get the most creative production out of a group?

  • How to keep groups on track and moving forward?

  • How to keep team members motivated and engaged?

  • How to help people out of their thinking ruts into out-of-the-box thinking?


The facilitation skills and knowledge gained in the Igniting Creative Potential Course is useful in a variety of group settings.   From idea generation to project management planning sessions; from strategy development to problem identification; a skilled facilitator brings an order, efficiency and effectiveness to the group process.

Learning the tools and strategies of facilitation provides you the means to help groups reach higher levels of novelty and idea production.  The process leadership provided by a facilitated style of leadership enables individuals and groups to become more efficient and effective in creating new ideas and approaches. 

Implications for your business

Investing in ICP facilitator training for some members of your team makes available process leadership where and when needed. Trained facilitators will significantly improve the effectiveness of your group process including meetings and other team oriented work approaches.





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