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Igniting Creative Potential

Commonly known as ICP

An Innovation Briefing

This one hour to one-half day interactive presentation includes an overview of the landscape of innovation and the role creativity plays as a necessary ingredient.

Key Benefits

  • Understanding the need and importance of innovation and creativity

  • Recognizing what separates the top-performing organizations from their lower-performing counterparts

  • An overview of the best practices and resources available to individuals, groups and teams to help meet the innovation challenge

The Innovation Toolkit

This one to two-day workshop helps participants go well beyond Brainstorming, providing them with best practices and a core set of tools for both generating and focusing ideas. With an experiential course, participants will learn best practice tools and guidelines for individual and group creativity and innovation.

Key Benefits

  • Learn tools that help people make more effective decisions

  • Develop an increased capacity to solve problems and bring about creative change

  • Leverage powerful language, guidelines and tools for enhancing creative productivity when working alone or in groups

A Focus on Facilitation

The Igniting Creative Potential Course provides the knowledge and practical experience necessary to facilitate world-class idea generation and problem solving in groups. In addition to learning a practical framework, tools and techniques for creative problem solving; participants will learn techniques for becoming a master facilitator, and practice their skills on real world business opportunities.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive experiential learning in group facilitation

  • Insights, knowledge & feedback to become a master facilitator

  • Proven tools, techniques and processes for successful innovation efforts

Learn more about A Focus on Facilitation

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