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Leading Strategic Change

Strategic Thinking: Moving Beyond Today's Reality

Strategic Thinking for Innovation lets you take advantage of our expertise in creativity and innovation.  Helping you set clear visions and goals gives your business a road map for innovation.  Through strategic thinking, scenario planning and other innovative techniques, we will help you set a vision and strategy for the future.

Key Benefits

  • Expand the role of strategic thinking in daily work

  • Learn tools for generating and focusing strategic questions

  • Develop a framework for implementing strategic plans

Leading With Insight: Inspired Leadership for Change

Leading With Insight is an intensive and highly interactive workshop that prepares individuals for taking the role of change leader.  Participants will become a leader of leaders, learning how those they lead prefer to make change happen and how to establish a work environment where creativity, innovation and change thrive.

Key Benefits

  • Understand key strategies and behaviors of a change leader

  • Comprehensive insights and tools necessary to stimulate leadership throughout the organization

  • Create a unified strategy for leadership teams to guide organizational change efforts

SOQ Intervention: Climates that Support Innovation

An SOQ intervention is an insightful understanding of your organization’s or team’s climate for creativity, innovation, and change.  Team members, managers, and leaders will understand what factors help make your organization creative, innovative, and ready to handle chaos and change.  Understanding these important factors will allow you to create a climate where creativity and innovation thrive.

Key Benefits

  • Improved business performance

  • Enhanced employee health and well-being

  • Successful implementation of lasting change initiatives

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