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Creating High Performing Teams

Developing Innovation Teams: Improving Team Performance

The Developing Innovative Teams Workshop is designed to help team members understand each other better and learn how to leverage the strengths of the individual team members for the benefit of the team.  Through the Developing Innovation Teams workshop, CPSB can help your team quickly get beyond the roadblocks that can stop teams from achieving higher levels of performance and truly innovative results.

Key Benefits

  • Provides your team insights into their unique strengths and limitations

  • Presents an opportunity to develop strategies for working together

  • Increase the team’s ability to reach enhanced levels of team performance

Innovation Champions: Creating Internal Change Agents

The Innovation Champions initiative is designed to create internal innovation advocates and agents for change within your organization at the grass roots level.  Armed with the tools for innovation, experience in using them and skills for facilitating others, Innovation Champions will be a formidable force enabling and operationalizing innovation throughout your organization.  The Innovation Champions program has become an important force for innovation and change in a number of organizations by increasing the capacity to identify and take advantage of opportunities for innovation. 

Key Benefits

  • Develops internal advocates for innovation

  • Embeds innovation tools and skills at the grass roots level

  • Empowers agents of change within your organization

Teamwork for Transformation: Building Change Teams

Teamwork for Transformation gives you the insights, tools and methods necessary to build and develop innovation teams.  You will learn the key elements of accelerating a team’s progress as they move through the stages of group development, to performing against the critical task of making lasting creative, innovative change. As a result you will also become a qualified user of VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style, a powerful tool to help teams understand who they are and the unique differences that each individual brings to the team.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to build effective and high-performing teams

  • Insights into the implications of how people prefer to approach change and make decisions

  • Qualified to administer and interpret VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style

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