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Celebrating 50 years of reflective practice: Versions of Creative Problem Solving

This article highlights 50 years of development based on Alex Osborn’s first introduction of Creative Problem Solving (CPS), and summarizes the major advances in deliberately developing creative talent.

Unleashing Creative Talent in Organizations

Learning and creativity are complex, multifaceted, and multilevel constructs, and when we examine the conceptual and practical linkages between them, many implications emerge.

Leadership’s Role in Creative Climate Creation

This chapter summarizes many of the factors that influences the work environment for creativity and innovation with a focus on how leaders can directly and indirectly influence this kind of climate.

A Compendium of Evidence for Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) has been effectively applied and productively researched for over 65 years.  This resource contains over 1,000 citations and references that support CPS.

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