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Achieving Creative Results


CPSB’s approach to New Product and Service Development is NOT your typical approach to market research. CPSB’s expertise in creativity and innovation, along with our methods are used to obtain new, deep, useful and valuable consumer insights. Our GEMagination process, discovers consumers’ deep unmet, unarticulated needs, generating substantial revenue by having product concepts in-line with consumer needs.

Key Benefits

  • Discover deep, unmet, unarticulated consumer needs leapfrogging you ahead of your competition

  • Create product concepts that are closely aligned with consumer needs

  • Develop a deep well of insights about consumer needs to fuel future product ideas

Facilitation Services: Providing Leadership

Navigating the twists and turns of the innovation process requires a focus on not only the content (what you are doing) but also the process (how you are doing it). What CPSB brings to bear on your behalf is an intimate knowledge and years of experience in process facilitation. CPSB’s master facilitators provide the highest quality facilitation services, enabling your team to make significant progress no matter how difficult the challenge.

Key Benefits

  • Expert assistance in scoping, planning, facilitating and following through on your innovation needs

  • Enhanced focus on the content of the project leaving the process issues to the master facilitators

  • More productive sessions and meetings resulting in faster turn around at a lower cost

Consulting Services: Bringing Best Practice

In the search for innovation, it is helpful and often necessary to have a knowledgeable, experienced partner who has been there before. CPSB offers a wide-ranging suite of innovation consulting services from project planning and management to concept development and product launch. Our experienced associates, armed with proven tools and expertise, assure that all elements of your project come together successfully.

Key Benefits

  • The Thought Leader in the fields of creativity and innovation working hand-in-hand with you

  • CPSB’s expertise and knowledge, leveraged for your organization’s gain

  • Teachers and practice experts in the fields of creativity and innovation since 1970 are on your side

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