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Consulting Services

Leveraging our knowledge for your gain

In the search for innovation knowledge it is helpful and often necessary to have a partner who has been there before.  CPSB offers a wide-ranging suite of innovation, problem-solving and facilitation consulting services from project planning and management to concept development and launch. Our associates' broad experience and deep expertise assure that all elements of the project are covered.  No matter the challenge or situation you are facing, it is likely that CPSB has had experience in similar, if not exactly the same, circumstances. 

The power of CPSB

The power of CPSB’s consulting services is in leveraging the 4 innovation imperatives for your organization's gain.  CPSB has been involved in projects from executive leadership development, to strategic change initiatives, to new product and service development, to creating high performance teams.  Our knowledge and expertise will guide you through the innovation process.

Benefits of CPSB Consulting Services

  • Guidance surrounding the 4 Innovation Imperatives

  • Customized to meet your needs

  • A partner in leading innovation

  • Research-based application-proven tools and methods since 1970

  • Results focused

Implications for your Business

CPSB has partnered with many Fortune 100 companies over the years to jump-start creativity and innovation in their organizations.  Staying ahead of your competition means having the foresight to see the thought leaders for the future: CPSB, on your side.

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