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Facilitation Services

Providing Leadership for your Innovation Efforts

Within the context of innovation most people think of facilitation just in terms of leading brainstorming or idea generation sessions.  While facilitation is a key element of success in those situations there is so much more in the innovation process that benefits from the power of masterful facilitation.


Skilled process facilitation can help to address some of the critical challenges that prevent groups from being successful.  Lack of focus, multiple tangents, failure to reach consensus, discussions that go on forever, conflict among and between group members, meetings that are less than productive, uneven contribution and participation, and failed momentum are challenges that can significantly derail your problem-solving, innovation and change efforts.

The Power behind CPSB Facilitation

CPSB’s team of master facilitators comes from a variety of backgrounds, with deep knowledge in applied group process and extensive experience in a wide range of facilitative situations.  They are specialists in facilitating the most complex and challenging situations with a broad understanding of what it means to facilitate the creative process in real organizations. Our experience is extensive inside global organizations facilitating multi-cultured groups and teams using many languages.

Benefits of CPSB Facilitation

Ramping up the creative thinking and problem-solving effectiveness of groups by creating a shared understanding of the outcomes and next steps, group members move their thinking outside the box. Ideas that go beyond current practice, have strong consensus and a shared commitment allow effective implementation of change.

Applications of CPSB’s Facilitation Services

CPSB has provided facilitation services for a variety of critical challenges including: developing alternatives for growth that go beyond what is currently being done, identifying fundamentally new and different consumer needs, improving an organization’s new product development process, drastically cutting time to market, and significantly improving the quality of internal operations.  Facilitation can add value and be effectively applied on everyday incremental challenges and opportunities as well as special and disruptive changes.


No matter what challenge your group faces CPSB facilitation services can significantly add to the quality of the outcome.

Implications for your Business

With deep understanding and extensive experience our team brings facilitation best practice to help your innovation group attain the progress essential for your success.


CPSB’s Facilitation Services help create meetings and group interactions with a speed and level of productivity, that will significantly go beyond your current approach.

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