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Discovering Deep Consumer Needs

GEMagination™ addresses one of the challenges that occurs in most consumer insight and market research projects. The consumers or end-users that participate are not able to accurately or adequately describe their needs. Our approach to New Product and Service Development (NPD) is NOT your typical approach to market research and thus creates product concepts that are more aligned with your consumers’ needs.

Our GEMagination™ process treats consumer needs, ideas and concepts as three distinct, but equally important, kinds of outcomes. We see the starting point for idea-generation for new products as a deep understanding of the unmet needs and aspirations of consumers. In other words, before we generate ideas, we must have a deep understanding of and insight into the needs within the market.

The power behind GEMagination™

The power of GEMagination™ is in the discovery of the unmet, unarticulated needs of your consumers. Getting below the surface of language to consumer’s unspoken needs gives you a leg up on your competition. Research shows that products consumers need and/or desire, are 75% more commercially viable.

Benefits of GEMagination™

• Product concepts closely aligned with consumer needs
• Tighter scoping throughout the remainder of NPD process saving time and money
• Critical data that is crucial for the later stages of the NPD process
• A deep “well” of consumer needs that can fuel future product ideas

Applications of GEMagination™

GEMagination™ is used to develop novel, creative and innovative new products and services. GEMagination™ will also help you decide what product concepts you currently have are aligned with your consumers' needs.

Implications for your Business

Product concepts that are closely aligned with consumer needs in the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation translate to increased bottom line profitability for the New Product, as well as your entire business.

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