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Leading with Insight

Inspired Leadership for Change

Leading with Insight is designed for senior to mid-level managers to identify and evaluate personal strengths and areas for development in working with and leading others.

The power behind Leading with Insight

The power of Leading With Insight is that managers get to apply specific proven tools and techniques that build challenging missions for their organizations. Learning and applying these tools and methods will help them and others “own up” to change, work effectively in teams, and deal productively with differences and conflict.

Benefits of Leading with Insight

  • Learn how people prefer and use different approaches to creativity and change, as well as recommendations for how you might manage these differences

  • Understand key strategies and behaviors necessary to take on your role as a change leader

  • Be able to match different styles of thinking with the needs of different situations

  • Have an understanding of the climate for creativity and change and strategies for establishing a climate that results in the best application of people’s talent

  • Be able to use specific strategies for helping others think creatively and solve problems

  • Have plans to continue your learning and development as a leader

Implications for your Business

Leaders who understand their strengths and opportunities, as well as those of others, have a much higher rate of success in implementing and leading successful innovation and change initiatives.

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